Hans-Heinrich Dieter

Hans-Heinrich Dieter                                                           

Lieutenant General ret.                                                              Mittwoch, 16. Februar 2011


NATO Secretary General

Anders Fogh Rasmussen

3, Place du Petit Sablon
1000 Brussels





Unfortunately NATO-Headquarters injure my rights of free expression of opinion.

When for instance a member of Headquarter SHAPE tries to open my website www.hansheinrichdieter.de with an official computer, he is told "The use of NATO resources for access to the requested URL has been denied for reasons of security."

For articles and essays on my website I only use open information and sources. That is why this statement is wrong and calumniating.

Should members of NATO-Headquarters disagree with contents on my website I am happy to take critique and discuss the matter with them. Further I am convinced that NATO should allow mature citizens to form their own opinion freely and unhindered, especially as NATO understands itself as an organization of values and stands for the guarantee of our freedom.

Since December 2010 the Generals Lange and Langheld know about this topic. General Langheld ordered his COS to write me a low content letter, General Lange showed no reaction so far and the problem is still unsolved.

I hope for your support.




Hans-Heinrich Dieter